Here are some projects I’ve worked on:

  • vimflowy [demo] [source]: a Workflowy-like productivity tool with vim keybindings
  • PyChurch [source] and [thesis writeup]: my master’s thesis project, a probabilistic programming language (and general inference algorithm).
  • [source]: a Hanabi simulator along with the best-performing algorithm I know of
  • The Adventures of Flying Bear and Invisible Cat [play]: a puzzle platformer game I made for my girlfriend
  • Send A Damned Message [link] [source]: a simple puzzle game
  • EigenSeeClearlyNow [link] [source]: a short linear algebra visualization/game, written with my girlfriend
  • Teach Us [link] [source]: a puzzle, written with my girlfriend as a wedding card for some good friends
  • Midnight Therapy [source]: a set of scripts to assist players of Pathery, an online (tower defense inspired) mazing game
  • [source]: this website, of course!