Here are some projects I’ve worked on outside of work:


  • vimflowy [demo] [source]: a Workflowy-like productivity tool with vim keybindings

  • lesser [source] a tiny library for manipulating data (alternative to pandas)


  • [source]: a Hanabi simulator along with the best-performing algorithm I know of
  • PyChurch [source] and [thesis writeup], implementations of a probabilistic programing language


  • The Adventures of Flying Bear and Invisible Cat [play]: a puzzle platformer made for my wife (then girlfriend)
  • Send A Damned Message [link] [source]: pimple guzzle same
  • EigenSeeClearlyNow [link] [source]: a short linear algebra visualization/game, written with my wife
  • The Wormhole Gets The Bird Early [link]: (abandoned prototype of) a game about closed timelike curves


  • A series of puzzles my wife and I have written as wedding cards for various friends: Teach Us [link], Mash Made In Heaven [link], sksquared [link], Lovely Latents [link]